Who We Are

Transition Board (2023):

Since the cancellation of the very promising VI LAZEN Meeting and Course in Cuzco/Lima in 2020, because of the COVID-19 pandemics, some LAZEN members are attempting this year to re-start the Network's activities, creating a Transition Board which will govern LAZEN until a regular Board is democratically elected in a Members Assembly, to be announced and to take place in the next months. This Transition Board is currently formed by:

Miguel Allende (Chile), Pablo Armas (Argentina), Miguel Concha (Chile), Lucía Franchini (Argentina), Renata Medeiros (Brasil), Enrique Salas (México),  Denhí Schnabel (México), Mónica Vianna (Brasil), Kathleen Whitlock (Chile), Flavio Zolessi (Uruguay)

Member PIs (list not updated since 2020):


Guatemala: Eduardo Álvarez; Perú: Carmen Marín-Tello


Alejandro Mechaly-García (Argentina)

Hernán López-Schier (Helmholtz Zentrum, München, Germany)

Ariel Bazzini (Stowers Institute for Medical Research)

Lázaro Centanin (Heidelberg University, Germany)

                                                                                    HONORARY MEMBERS:

Herman Spaink (Institute of Biology, Leiden University, The Netherlands)

Miguel Moreno-Mateos (Centro Andaluz de Biología del Desarrollo, Sevilla, Spain)

Marco Brocca (Tecniplast, Buggigiate, Italy)