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Access detailed information on the research groups which are LAZEN members.

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Only registered users can access this area of the website. If you are part of a LAZEN member research group, but are not registered, apply by sending an email to:

Information needed: full name, position, affiliation (to a LAZEN group) and a Google account username.

If your group is not a member, please send the application form and a short CV of the principal investigator to

Why do I need to use a Google account?

The LAZEN website is on Google Sites for safety and ease of management reasons. 

This means that we can grant members with special access to some areas of the site that cannot be accessed by the general public.

But, it only works well if you log in using your own Google (Gmail) account.

Setting a Google account is extremely easy following this link, and you may choose to use it just to logging into LAZEN website. We will keep on contacting you at your preferred email address.