Previous and future LAZEN events

Pictures from previous events

A selection of pictures taken at LAZEN events: First Meeting (Montevideo, 2010); First Course (Porto Alegre, 2011); Second Course and Meeting (Rosario, 2012; see all pictures here); Third Course and Meeting (Valparaíso, 2014; see al pictures here). 

Announcement of other zebrafish-related events

Xth Meeting of the Latin American Society for Developmental Biology, Buenos Aires, Argentina. October 28-31, 2019.

Radboud Summerschool course on zebrafish:
Zebrafish as Model in Biomedical Research: Focus on Gene, Brain and Behaviour, 13th-17th August 2018

11th Zebrafish Disease Models Conference -  Leiden, Holland. July 13-18, 2018.
Nora Calcaterra,
Sep 19, 2012, 6:10 AM