Radboud Summer School. Zebrafish as Models in Biomedical Research: Focus on Gene, Brain and Behaviour

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Radboud Summerschool course on zebrafish to be held August next year:

Johan Aerts (Ghent University-ILVO, Belgium), Marie-Laure Bégout (IFREMER, France), Ruud van den Bos (Radboud University, the Netherlands), Gert Flik (Radboud University, the Netherlands), Robert Gerlai (University of Toronto, Canada), Jessica Legradi (Free University, the Netherlands), Simon MacKenzie (University of Sterling, UK), William Norton (University of Leicester, UK), Michalis Pavlidis (University of Crete, Greece), Christian Tudorache (University of Leiden, the Netherlands), Philippe Vernier (CNRS, France)
Erwin van Wijk (Radboud University Hospital, the Netherlands), Albert Willemsen (Noldus Information Technology, Wageningen, the Netherlands)

Course: Técnicas básicas para la cría, mantenimiento y experimentación biológica con el pez cebra (Danio rerio)

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El objetivo de este curso es brindar las bases metodológicas del manejo en el laboratorio del pez cebra para ser utilizado como animal modelo de experimentación en las Ciencias Biológicas. 

Técnicas de laboratorio a realizar: 
obtención de embriones, observación, identificación de estadios, microinyección, extracción y análisis de proteínas y ácidos nucleicos, hibridación in situ, inmunolocalización, tinción de cartílagos y huesos, y montaje de embriones para observación en microscopio confocal. 
El curso de modalidad intensiva (40 horas) se realizará del 1º al 5 de Agosto de 2016, en los laboratorios del IBR-sede CCT-Rosario. 


COURSE: Genome Editing and Synthetic Biology

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Practical course and symposium, May 14-20, 2016.
Center for Genome Regulation. Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Chile.

The advent of genome editing technologies and articficial
transcriptional regulators have revolutionized biology and
biotechnology. In this course, techniques and applications will
be discussed and exemplified with hands on experiments in
model organisms (bacteria, Drosophila and zebrafish).
Application to the course is open to graduate students, postdocs
and young PIs; the symposium is open to the community; there
are no registration fees but application to attend is required.

Shawn M Burgess, NHGRI, Bethesda, USA
Kevin Esvelt, MIT Media Lab, USA
Viviana Gallardo, CBM, Madrid, Spain
Anna Troedsson-Wargelius, Institute for Marine Research, Norway
Leonardo Valdivia, UCL, UK

Local Instructors:
Miguel Allende, CGR, Universidad de Chile
Alvaro Glavic, CGR, Universidad de Chile
Fernán Federici, CGR, P.Universidad Católica de Chile

Course application: please send a CV, a letter of interest and one letter of recommendation by March 31, 2016 to:

For more information visit:

International Course: "Optics, Forces and Development"

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14-21 March 2016

Santiago, Chile

DEADLINE: 10th January 2016

Aim: To train a selected group of 12-16 students, postdocs and young investigators from Latin America in theoretical and practical aspects of in vivo microscopy, and strategies of visualisation and manipulation of cell and tissue morphodynamics in developing organisms.

Teachers: Scott Fraser, Ulrich Kubitscheck, Shigenori Nonaka, Miguel Concha, Stephen Hartel, Julio Amigo, Rodrigo Soto, Mauricio Cerda, Rodrigo Assar.

Organizers: Miguel Concha, Steffen Hartel

More information in:

Zebrafish Invade Valparaiso: read the meeting report

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A report on the III LAZEN Meeting (2014) authored by its organizer, Kate Whitlock, was published in the journal Zebrafish (subscription needed to read full-text):

III LAZEN Poster Size

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Posters maximum dimensions are 1 m wide x 2.30 m high.

III LAZEN meeting registration

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The symposium LAZEN III is open to all scientists. 
The symposium will be held at the Parque Cultural de Valparaíso
There will be oral presentations and poster presentations. The event is free but you MUST register: we need to know how many people will be attending the Symposium.

Please register by sending an e-mail with you information (Name, institution, contact information) to:

Alejandra Pinto

DEADLINE: March 28, 2014

2nd Chi-Bin Chien Award

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Award Announcement


This is to announce the 2nd Chi-Bin Chien Award, nominations for which are due March 26, 2014.


The Chi-Bin Chien Award has been established by the zebrafish research community and GSA in memory of Dr. Chi-Bin Chien (1965 – 2011). Chi-Bin was Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at the University of Utah and served the international zebrafish community in numerous ways, including his service as Director of the Zebrafish Neural Development and Genetics Course at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory and as an organizer of the International Conference on Zebrafish Genetics and Development. The Award will celebrate Chi-Bin’s enthusiasm and love for the discussion of scientific ideas and the good things that grow out of interactions and open discourse among scientists, his efforts to mentor and support the development of young scientists, and the collaborative and generous spirit with which he contributed to the advance of research with the zebrafish. The award will be given to an outstanding graduate student, postdoctoral trainee, or recently appointed faculty member from any country who has made significant contributions to the field of zebrafish research and has exhibited the generosity and openness that characterized and motivated Chi-Bin. The awardee will be granted a cash award and international recognition as an invited speaker at the biennial International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics.



Nominations for the Chi-Bin Chien Award should be submitted by the candidate’s PhD or post-doctoral mentor by e-mail by March 26, 2014 to The application package should be a single PDF file that includes:

  1. A one-page statement from the nominee describing his/her research and its importance to the advancement of zebrafish research.
  2. The nominee's C.V.
  3. Letter of recommendation from the mentor
  4. Letter of recommendation from one additional scholar who is familiar with the research being described in the application.


The 2014 Chi-Bin Chien Award Committee

Michael Granato, University of Pennsylvania Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Philadelphia.

David Grunwald, University of Utah Deptartment of Genetics, Salt Lake City.

Graham Lieschke, Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, Monash University, Australia.

Cecilia Moens, Division of Basic Sciences, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle.

Stephan Neuhauss, Institute of Molecular Life Sciences, University of Zurich.

David Raible, University of Washington Department of Biological Structure, Seattle.

Mary Mullins, University of Pennsylvania Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, Philadelphia.


This award will be funded by donations from members of the scientific community who wish to contribute in Chi-Bin Chien’s memory. Please make your tax-deductible contribution online via the Genetics Society of America or by sending a check made payable to the Genetics Society of America, 9650 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814-3998 USA; please add ‘Chien Award’ to the subject line. The GSA link to the donation page is:

3rd Latin American Zebrafish Network Symposium

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This symposium is open to all interested persons. In order to attend you must register. We are accepting abstract submissions for those wishing to present their research in poster format. Below are the instructions for preparing the abstracts.


POSTERS: Posters maximum dimensions are 1 m wide x 2.30 m high.

LAZEN Symposium Abstract Format


Abstracts must be in English:

Abstract title.

Do not use UPPERCASE letters for the entire title.



Correct format - Correct Abstract Title Format for the LAZEN Meeting



List all author names and institutions. Do not use UPPERCASE letters for the author names.

Incorrect format - JOHN SMITH 

Correct format - John Smith

Include e-mail contact of the presenting author


**Include funding sources for the research at the end of the abstract


Abstracts should not exceed 2,500 characters, including the title, authors, affiliations and main body of the abstract.



Dr. Kathleen Whitlock:



III LAZEN Course and Meeting - Valparaiso 2014

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Applications Open: November 15, 2013
                    Close:  January  24,  2014 

Candidates are required to send CV, letter of intent expressing their interest in participating in the course and symposium, and a letter of reference.

All materials should be send to both of the following addresses:

Financial Aid is available to cover travel and housing expenses of participants. Students are expected to apply for resources within their countries.

More information here.

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