Course "Optics, forces & development", 25 March-5 April, Santiago, Chile

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Organiser: Miguel L. Concha (Biomedical Neuroscience Institute and Faculty of Medicine, University of Chile, Santiago, Chile)
Co-organisers: Steffen Härtel, Mauricio Cerda and Rodrigo Soto (Biomedical Neuroscience Institute and University of Chile, Santiago, Chile)

Request for information directly to:

Deadline for receipt of applications by local organisers: 30 October 2018

The ICGEB aims at strengthening the research capability of its Members through a comprehensive training programme and approach to promoting biotechnology internationally. The active participation of ICGEB Member States nationals in the ICGEB Meetings and Courses is therefore highly encouraged. For more information on the terms of participation and funding opportunities for this event please access the meeting website or contact the local organisers directly.

This Course aims at training a selected group of students, postdocs and junior investigators in theoretical and practical aspects of in vivo microscopy and strategies for the visualization and manipulation of forces in developing tissues. It offers a stimulating inter-disciplinary environment that gathers specialists from the fields of developmental biology, physics, computer science, & electrical engineering.

Optics and in vivo imaging, image processing and analysis, cell and tissue mechanics, physical modelling, cell migration and tissue morphogenesis, fish embryo models (zebrafish, killifish).

DAAD Rise Worlwide: opportunity to receive German graduate students

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Researchers from accredited universities and non-profit research institutions can submit an internship offer for which German students from the fields of engineering, natural and earth sciences, medicine, computer science or related disciplines may apply. A successful applicant will receive a DAAD scholarship to carry out a research stay in your working group.
Becoming a host for an intern in summer 2019
If you want to submit a project offer, please register here from September 1, 2018 through October 15, 2018.

ZF Eye Meeting Freiburg - Abstract deadline postponed to 15th July 2018 please register NOW

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Dear colleagues
We warmly invite you to register for our interdisciplinary meeting, There are still open places. Meet the clinicians:
Zebrafish Models for Human Eye Diseases, Freiburg 14th-15th Sept 2018
All details can be found here: <>
Abstract deadline: 15th July 2018 (deadline postponed!)
Please register until: 31st July 2018

Invited speakers:
Hélène Dollfus, Wolfgang Driever, Peter Charbel-Issa, Sascha Fauser, Breandán Kennedy, Brian Link, Stephan Neuhauss, Ernst Tamm, Monte Westerfield

In ophthalmology, clinician scientists may be unaware of the many possibilities provided by zebrafish models. On the other hand zebrafish researchers may be unexposed to pressing clinical research questions. The aim of the meeting is to bring researchers using the zebrafish model closer to the medical community. At the same time, the meeting shall introduce the virtues of the zebrafish model to clinical researchers. Keynote lectures will cover various aspects of zebrafish eye research. This will be complemented by presentations addressing research on human eye diseases with high clinical relevance. In addition, short talks and poster presentations will be selected from submitted abstracts of meeting participants.

Best regards

Uwe Strähle

EuFishBioMed e.V.

European Society for Fish Models in Biology and Medicine registered association | VR 3672 <> <>

V LAZEN Symposium: registration open!

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The ICGEB-LAZEN “V Latin American Zebrafish Network Course and Symposium” will be held the 11 and 12th of May at the “Instituto de Biotecnología” of the UNAM located in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.
Symposium program and registration:
Deadline for submitting abstracts: 20th of April

Radboud Summerschool course on zebrafish:

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Zebrafish as Model in Biomedical Research: Focus on Gene, Brain and Behaviour
Nijmegen, 13th-17th August 2018

V LAZEN Course and Symposium:

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4-12 May, Cuernavaca, México.
Contact: or
Deadline for receipt of applications by local organisers: 1 March 2018.


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The event will be held at the Sao Paulo State University UNESP, Botucatu city- SP

Quintay 2018 - International Course on Developmental Biology

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We invite students interested in the Developmental Biology field to apply to the course on this subject to be held in January 2018, in Quintay, Chile.

More information in:

DEADLINE 31st August 2017

Radboud Summer School. Zebrafish as Models in Biomedical Research: Focus on Gene, Brain and Behaviour

posted Dec 25, 2016, 7:48 AM by Flavio Zolessi

Radboud Summerschool course on zebrafish to be held August next year:

Johan Aerts (Ghent University-ILVO, Belgium), Marie-Laure Bégout (IFREMER, France), Ruud van den Bos (Radboud University, the Netherlands), Gert Flik (Radboud University, the Netherlands), Robert Gerlai (University of Toronto, Canada), Jessica Legradi (Free University, the Netherlands), Simon MacKenzie (University of Sterling, UK), William Norton (University of Leicester, UK), Michalis Pavlidis (University of Crete, Greece), Christian Tudorache (University of Leiden, the Netherlands), Philippe Vernier (CNRS, France)
Erwin van Wijk (Radboud University Hospital, the Netherlands), Albert Willemsen (Noldus Information Technology, Wageningen, the Netherlands)

Course: Técnicas básicas para la cría, mantenimiento y experimentación biológica con el pez cebra (Danio rerio)

posted May 11, 2016, 6:25 AM by Flavio Zolessi

El objetivo de este curso es brindar las bases metodológicas del manejo en el laboratorio del pez cebra para ser utilizado como animal modelo de experimentación en las Ciencias Biológicas. 

Técnicas de laboratorio a realizar: 
obtención de embriones, observación, identificación de estadios, microinyección, extracción y análisis de proteínas y ácidos nucleicos, hibridación in situ, inmunolocalización, tinción de cartílagos y huesos, y montaje de embriones para observación en microscopio confocal. 
El curso de modalidad intensiva (40 horas) se realizará del 1º al 5 de Agosto de 2016, en los laboratorios del IBR-sede CCT-Rosario. 


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